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Country House Acquaviva - Contrada Acquaviva, 34 - 62020 Loro Piceno (MC) - cell.: 320 1813223 - E-mail


Loro Piceno

Loro Piceno is a little centre of the inland of Le Marche , in the south of the province of Macerata, seat of an old University, between the bordering towns of Ancona and Fermo. The town has held for more than 40 years of the "Sagra del vino cotto" a festival celebrating the delicious local wine called "vino cotto" one of the most characteristic festivals tied to the typical gourmet products of the territory of the Marche region.

The 14th century castle of the Brunforte Earls, which is still home for enclosed nuns, dominates with its annexed Civic Tower an outstanding view extending from the Adriatic sea to the Appennini range. At the foot of the castle in a room in front of the small but historic "wood-burning oven" of the unforgotten lady called Argia, you can find the recent museum of the two World Wars, which contains war relics donated by a private citizen to the Town hall.

In another area of the town, under the Franciscan Cloister recently restored, a small museum hall, next to the XIVth Town Hall theatre, contains old cellar tools, a copper cauldron, oak barrels, from which our old farmers dripped the famous "Vin Cotto" of Loro Piceno, a delicious sweet wine which has, by now, made the town famous all over the region.

The countryhouse Acquaviva is situated among the green hills of Le Marche , it has three apartments, Appennino, Sibilla and La Priora with two patios and terraces in front of an outstanding view of the Laga Mountains and the Sibillini range, which two centuries ago were the inspiration of our genius Leopardi born in Recanati:

"e che dolci pensieri immensi, che dolci sogni mi spirò la vista di quel lontano mar, quei Monti Azzurri, che di qua scopro, e che varcar un giorno io mi pensava, arcani mondi, arcana felicità fingendo al viver mio!!".

Today the Sibillini keep only in the name their mysterious appeal, but the charming landscape is unaltered together with the beauty of the several medieval villages on the side of the Appennini in a a territory with a civilization wisely kept by the inhabitants.


Surrounding areas

Because of the privileged position of the Country House Acquaviva you can easily reach several interesting places of our territory (for short itineraries till 10 Km. a group of 5 people can have free tours):

  • Roman theatre and reservoir in Urbisaglia (5 km) and Falerone (15 km)
  • Natural Park of the Abbey of Fiastra (9 km) with trekking routes or in mountain bike (two are provided by the country house)
  • Sarnano (23 km), departure base for the Sibillini mountains (+20/30 km)
  • Mare Adriatico (38 km) and Appennino Umbro-Marchigiano (from 35 to about 80 km)
  • Recanati, birth town of Giacomo Leopardi, at about 35 km
  • Loreto, Madonna’s sanctuary (50km)
  • Macerata, 19 km, historical and University town
  • Ancona, 70 km, maritime harbour and airport
  • Pesaro e Urbino, the most northern provinces of Le Marche , near the border with the region Romagna
  • Ascoli Piceno, with one of the most characteristic squares of Le Marche and Italy
  • Fermo, 30 km, wonderful medieval town with Roman relics
  • Grotte di Frasassi, among the most fascinating caves of Italy (about 50 km)

Free visits to the surrounding oil mills and cellars are provided to experience the production of wine ( September and October) and of the olive oil ( end of October and November). Detailed information is available about all the arts and crafts, concerts, excursions and countryside walks organized in the medieval villages of the whole region.