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Country House Acquaviva - Contrada Acquaviva, 34 - 62020 Loro Piceno (MC) - cell.: 320 1813223 - E-mail


On the central floor there are the two Apartments Appennino and Sibilla (100 sqm and 44 sqm) with heating and air conditioning; they can be used as a single unit in the case of groups and families made up of friends as the apartment Appennino has an elegant large sitting room-kitchen with an adequate space to accommodate a group of people till 12 or 14 people.

Appennino Apartment

planimetria appartamento appennino

It has an autonomous entrance. The three double rooms have air conditioning, private service, TV Sat and connection for your computer. The third double bedroom, has two bathrooms one for disabled and it leads to he multipurpose room. The apartment is provided with two terraces (40 + 30 sqm.) directly accessible from the sitting room.
In the sitting room-kitchen (85 sqm.) there is a fully equipped kitchen to practise you art in cooking, with microwave, 5 point cooker, electric oven, fireplace (included wood), barbecue and outside oven.
The same sitting room can be used to relax comfortably with a LCD large screen TV Sat, the Hi-Fi stereo with surround system of great level ( Marantz amplifier).

"Gli Appennini sono per me un pezzo meraviglioso del creato. Alla grande pianura della regione padana segue una catena di monti che si eleva dal basso, per chiudere verso sud il continente tra due mari. [...] È un così bizzarro groviglio di pareti montuose, a ridosso l'una dell'altra, che spesso non si può nemmeno distinguere in che direzione scorre l'acqua."

- Johann Goethe

Appartamento Sibilla Appartamento SibillaAppartamento Sibilla

Sibilla Apartment

planimetria appartamento sibilla

It has an autonomous entrance like Sibilla. It has a smaller kitchen but fully equipped, next to it there is a large double bedroom (with air conditioning) provided with a comfortable private service, radio, sat TV, ADSL connection. Besides it has the elegant wooden patio (44 sqm.) with its garden (44 sqm.), which you can reach directly from the kitchen.
In the bedroom a further single bed is available.

"E' vicino la larga, orrenda e spaventevole spelunca nominata caverna della Sibilla: de la quale è volgata fama (anzi pazzescca favola) essere quivi l'entrata per passare alla Sibilla, che dimora in un bel Reame, ornato di grandi e magnifici palaggi, habitati da molti popoli pigliando amorosi piaceri né detti palaggi et giardini con vaghe damigelle..."

- Leandro degli Alberti

Appartamento Sibilla Appartamento SibillaAppartamento Sibilla

La Priora Apartment - Swimming pool floor

The third apartment, La Priora, is situated on the Swimming floor below the two apartments. La Priora (70 sqm.) is equipped and heated with air conditioning like the above apartments. It has 2 double bedrooms with two further single beds or children's bed on request, a fully equipped kitchen ,a sitting/dining room with air conditioning) ( sofa bed for two people), three private comfortable bathrooms with a shower.

From the kitchen or from outside you can enter the common room ( 20 sqm.) with tapis roulant, step, 2 cyclette, the washing machine, a sofa bed and chairs. The apartment leads to the terrace provided with sunbeds, sun umbrellas, tables and to the swimming pool.

In another room next to the La Priora Apartment there is the Cellar. In the oak barrels the new wine is ready, while the typical, local delicious vino cotto has been getting old since 1975, it is an ideal wine to taste with desserts. This wine is a speciality of the territory of Loro Piceno.

For services and products go to the corresponding section .

Appartamento Priora Appartamento PrioraAppartamento Priora

Multipurpose Hall

Next to the two apartments of the central floor , on a lower level, there is the multipurpose hall (m 25 x 6.5, circa 130 sqm ) with air conditioning . The free use of the hall is available for all guests.

The multipurpose hall is provided with all the necessary things to spend your time relaxing and enjoying yourself: DVD, TV e radio sat, projector, table tennis, soccer table, chess, record payer and Alison one speakers, stereo equipment with amplifier, vinyl classical and pop music records, computer with ADSL connection , tables, mini bar, reading corner, fitness tools (tapis roulant, 2 cyclette).

In a corner of the hall a washing machine and an espresso machine for an Italian breakfast.

Salone pluriuso Salone pluriusoSalone pluriuso


There are other three double bedrooms ( with common service ) situated on the floor above Appennino and Sibilla , half of this apartment is private , these bedrooms are not provided with air conditioning and TV. They can be booked if there is a group of more than 14 people.

Pleas visit the page of the further Services we offer our guests.